Berikut ini hewan yang memiliki rangka dalam adalah?

Berikut ini hewan yang memiliki rangka dalam adalah?

  1. belalang dan kupu-kupu
  2. lebah dan laba-laba
  3. katak dan kadal
  4. kumbang dan kalajengking
  5. Kumbang dan capung

Jawaban: C. katak dan kadal

Dilansir dari Encyclopedia Britannica, berikut ini hewan yang memiliki rangka dalam adalah katak dan kadal.

web temakuis

Baca Juga  Read the following text to answer questions Best Holiday Last year my family and I went on the most amazing holiday to Spain. We had never been to Spain before and my Dad wanted to go there because he said that he was fed up with sitting around in the damp and gloom!When we arrived at the villa it was baking hot. The first thing that Dad did was to take a shower. He said that he needed to cool off after such a long journey. There was a swimming pool so we spent a lot of time mucking about in the water or splashing water over Dad!One afternoon we went to visit some caves in the hills. Inside the caves were the most amazing stalagmites and stalactites. They were knobbly and looked like massive, misshapen spears. Some were like bars in a zoo. The guide tapped some and it was rather like playing a glockenspiel. In the caves it was quite cold.On the third day we visited a beach. The waves were just right for surfing so we hired somebody boards. Dad was worried that we would drown so he spent the afternoon standing in the sea watching us. It was a breeze! The waves were strong enough to float in on but not too powerful.One of the best things about the holidays was that Dad was so useless at cooking that we had to go into the town every night to eat. There was a stall where you could buy chips and calamari. The calamari was squid cooked in better-it tasted like rubbery fish. Once we had eaten, we played on the pinball machines.When we got home Mum wanted to see all the photos. I had a magnificent picture of Dad’s very red face from too much sun. All in all I think that it was a great holiday and I can’t wait to go back. What made the writer’s dad take a shower right after arriving at the villa?

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